so we have a dog and a cat, so a parrot would make sense (kinda?)

special events:
*mary jane's seeds
-you can try feed the seeds to the parrot, the parrot will run away

-firstly, the parrot imitates gun sounds, it scares the bandits away
-then it will imitate a mutant, scaring the bandits
-then the bandits will take the parrot

*feeding the parrot
-someone will scavenge to the local pet shop for seeds, you will also get +1 water and +1 soup

*letting the parrot outside
-you let the parrot outside of its cage, the parrot will find one item

-the parrot will imitate the sounds of rats and led them outside

also, once you obtain the parrot it cures all characters from insanity
if you get sharikov the parrot will run away
if you get pancake, the parrot can live, but if you don't feed or let pancake outside, he wil get jealous and scare the parrot away

yea i was just bored so i did this