60 Seconds! Wiki

In 60 Parsecs! There are 40 achievements to obtain at present.

List of Achievements

Achievement Description Additional details
Don't Panic! Make it to the shuttle before nuclear impact.
All Seats Taken Rescue three crewmates from the station during one playthrough.
Space Colonization Crash land on a planet.
Hello World Fix the communicator console after landing.
Tinkerer Upgrade an item.
Space Engineer Upgrade a system.
Friendzone Make a friend.
Across The Stars Find a soulmate.
Intergalactic Breakup Dump your soulmate for someone else.
Stay Cool Die in space.
Dust to Dust Perish on a planet.
Crafty Craft 10 items.
Eco-Shuttle Recycle 10 items.
Fix-It Felix Repair 10 items.
Space Explorer Go on 10 successful expeditions.
The Improvinator Upgrade all items (across multiple playthroughs).
Extreme Makeover Upgrade all shuttle systems (across multiple playthroughs).
Meet the Petersons Befriend the unlikely neighbors. Choose not to squish the cockroaches.
Axel jump in space! Told you it was an achievement. Have Deedee as a soulmate and ask about her injury.
No Ticket Out the airlock with you. Have someone be kicked out of the shuttle.
KIA And you thought you were safe. Be invaded by the communists or space pirates.
Et tu, Astrocitizen? Discover a traitor.
AAARGH! Become a space monster's dinner. Stay in space long enough to be eaten by the monster.
Gold Medalist Reach an ending as Deedee.
For Science! Reach an ending as Emmet.
Second Life Reach an ending as Baby.
Non-Fiction Reach an ending as Tom.
Flawless Maegangement Reach an ending as Maegan.
First of April Reach an ending as April.
Bingpot! Reach personal goals for every captain.
No Man Left Behind Reach any ending with a full crew.
Small Step Complete 6 Missions succesfully.
Giant Leap Fulfill all objectives in 6 different Missions.
2018: A Soup Odyssey Collect 111 cans from the station. Across multiple playthroughs.
Hands Full Collect each item from the station at least once. Across multiple playthroughs.
Mutiny in making Make an enemy.
That's No Moon! Visit all locations on Robotofu.
Feels like home Visit all locations on Phobonos.
Bovine Domain Visit all locations on Mootopia.
Space Selfie Share a memory from the shuttle with the world.