60 Seconds! Wiki

Ammunition, also known as Ammo, is used in a few events throughout the game. It is not required for the use of the Rifle. This is probably because Ammunition is just spare ammo, and the rifle is probably already loaded. When a member is scavenging, it is possible to encounter a group of people that use ammunition as a currency. The ammunition is not used in this event, however.

Ammo in the shelter during the Survival Phase.

Events involving the ammunition

Ammo in the Scavenge Phase.

Trader Required: Ammunition or a Checkers Board

Summary: A trader comes and asks the player if they have any ammunition. The player has the choice of giving him their ammo, or a checkers board. If the player gives him the checkers board, he tries to explain to the family what ammunition is, but despite the family laughing, he runs off with it. If the player gives him the ammunition he thanks the player and leaves giving them a Soup Can, but if the player doesn't hand him the ammunitions, when they are present in the bunker, he will throw a smoke bomb in the bunker, stealing them and running away. He may also give the player a radio if they don't have one.

Shower Required: Ammunition, Gas Mask or Bug Spray

The player can use the ammo, the gas mask or the bug spray in this event. Using one of them cures everyone from sickness.


Summary: The family encounters a giraffe that that can be hunted in this event. If the player uses the ammo, the family is no longer hungry.


Summary: The family starts a fire which attracts raiders. If the player accepts, the family will throw the bullets into the fire and scare them away. In their haste, the raiders forget some supplies.

A Survivor

Summary: While scavenging, the family comes across a young girl who is being attacked by a giant scorpion. The family will toss the ammunition to her. She fends off the scorpion and gives the family some extra supplies as thanks. (NOTE: The ammo won't be fully consumed in this event).


Summary: The family encounters an armed lady, who greets them politely and asks for spare ammunition. If the player decides to hand over the ammo, she might help the family fight off bandits when they try to invade the shelter.

Spider Lady

Summary: The family encounters a lady who claims to be hunting a giant spider, and needs ammunition. If the family gives it to her, then she will give you a few items. If not, she will just walk off.