60 Seconds! Wiki



The spiders and 60 seconds are a very big advantage in the game if you get the scenario. The spiders can currently be killed by the boy scout handbook and the bug spray. If you use the medkit then the family will assume they hallucinated and they won't see the spiders anymore. However if you use the Boy Scout Book, you may get Mutant Mary Jane.


These guys ocasionaly show up. The bug spray will get rid of them, but gets used up. The boy scout book will kill them at no expence. Doing nothing has a 75 percent [I think] chance to make people sick. There is 1 more option [i think] but i forgot what it is.


he has his own semi-storyline.

event 1

some times you will get a event where there is something growling in the darkness. the flashlight [best choice] will reveal him, the bug spray or rifle will kill him. nothing will result in a ??/?? chance to get him again.

event 2 [only occurs if you used the flashlight]

he will scrach at the door and will want food. yes will continue the chain of events [- 1 food]. no ends the chain.

event 3 [only occurs if you said yes]

asks to follow.

event 4 [only occurs if you didn't use the gun]

some one hurt him and the medkit will bring him in the bunker.

event 5+

letting him out = +1 food/+ 1 water/ random item

ocasional upkeep of 1 food. 1 fail= -1 harmonaca, 2 = no pancake.