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April Angelle is one of the six main characters in the game, 60 Parsecs! So far, she is the newest crewmember to be added. She officially appeared as a playable character after the "Mission: April One" free DLC update on December 18th, 2018.

During the scavenging part of the game, she has four slots for supplies. When another character is scavenging, she will take up two slots and is seen trying to pull her glove out of a machine.


April has curly pecan-colored hair, bronze brown skin, dark red lipstick, and is always seen wearing a blue baseball cap. Her Astrocitizen uniform is a dull blue with a turquoise collar and yellow bendy joints. Her gloves are shown to be a faded tan while her boots are colored white. As time passes, her hair will grow longer and tied back like Maegan Mann's. Her age has to be anywhere above 16, because she mentions how she got a screwdriver as a present from her father for her 16th birthday.


2018-12-22 19.33.08.png

A young mechanic who spent most of her life working in her family garage in New Orleans with her father and older brothers. Sick of only servicing bicycles, she got into a fight with her family and joined the Astrocitizen Program to tinker her way into space.


Agility: II (Flexible)

Intelligence: I (Average)

Strength: II (Fit)

Boost: Handywoman [Gives her crew a crafting bonus and the shuttle always begins with Expedition and Crafting on Level 2]

Captain's Goal: Repair or upgrade 10 items. (Tinker with advanced machinery.)


  • April is the only DLC character to appear in the game. It is unknown if any more will be added in any future updates.
  • When April dies, she is represented by the remains of her hat and gloves.
  • While insane, she wears a mechanical hat on her head, holds a hammer in her hand, and tries to swing it down on her head.
  • There are also specific events that can happen once April goes crazy. In one of them, she thinks you're a crocodile and talks about getting rid of the crocodile.
  • A friendship event with April reveals that she has "always enjoyed watching the stars, even though her Papa said it was a waste of time and her brothers laughed at her".
  • Another friendship event with April reveals that she carries her favorite screwdriver with her, which her Papa gave her as a gift for her 16th birthday.
  • Once the player is soulmates with April, an event may occur where it's revealed that April is an artist, but it "wouldn't put bread on the table" so her family was disapproving of it.
  • At another April soulmate event, she enjoys A.I.'s digital music and reveals that she loves dancing.