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The Atomic Drill is a gamemode in 60 Seconds! It is the tutorial of the game.


'You come across your kids' hamster, who in some bizarre 'way found its way into the shelter. The kids are obviously going to love it and so will you- there's nothing that's better than food that comes to you on its own! Now, it's up to you... do you cook him?

Yes: Good choice! Everyone had a bite, and fresh meat will not be as easy to come by in the days ahead. Best to take any chance you can get to eat. Believe me, you will find yourself and your family in much more dire circumstances than this, and there won't be a hamster around to save your ass. +? Food

No: Good choice! The little furry guy can stay and fatten up. It'll make a bigger meal in a few days, and maybe your only source of food if you run out of cans.

*NOTE: This is in W.I.P.*


  • This is the only time that the player can get items before the timer starts.
  • The events from this gamemode are not seen on any other gamemode.
  • The army man that appears in this gamemode mentions that the army knocks 2 consecutive knocks but in the game, the Journal does not say how many knocks there are.
  • It's impossible to die in the Atomic Drill when the player enters the shelter: All characters can't die of starvation, dehydration, injuries, or sickness.