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Black Hole

In the game 60 Parsecs! you will meet a black hole if you refuse to land on any of three planets. You encounter it around day 30.


When passing near the black hole, A.S.T.R.O. will detect a rather large mass moving away from the black hole's singularity, heading towards the shuttle. If you manage to steer the shuttle away from the black hole and avoid the Void Monster, in around three days, you will find a planet that you passed before and be prompted to land there, but A.S.T.R.O will detect the Void Monster heading towards you again, forcing to land on the planet, since it's the only way to dodge the monster. You need to send one of your crew members to overload the reactor and initiate it manually.

If you send your captain to the reactor they will succeed in initiating the reactor, but they will get fried, effectively giving you a game over. If you send one of your crew-members to the reactor, they will likely fail. However, having positive traits (Morale, hunger, stats, ect.) will give a small chance of succeeding in landing.