Wisrobe06 Wisrobe06 16 August 2020

Im confused

Ok so i started with Ted, Dolores, and Timmy ( i ran out of time to get Mary Jane ). Around day 40-ish i sent Ted to go look for his car bc he found his keys. A few days pass and i send Dolores out to find supplies bc Timmy was tiered and i needed supplies. A few days pass and i get the phone call from outside, so i sent Timmy. Im on day 91 and NO ONE has came back and idk why its continuing.

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Catsarecool2020 Catsarecool2020 1 February 2020

Can someone who has the game do this

Can someone who has the game add a page for the "random notes' as kubscouts calls them plz

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TacoGamer111 TacoGamer111 12 February 2018

I don’t get it...

I hate this! You know the option with the gun, flashlight, and bug spray? I was gonna get pancake but I didn’t have any of the items. Then the next day Everyone was... INSANE! It’s not fair! Has this happened to you guys?

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Billybob125poopz Billybob125poopz 30 October 2017

I may consider adopting this wikia!

Never mind, I'm not considering adopting this wikia.

- Billybob125poopz (talk) 04:35, October 30, 2017 (UTC)

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Notnewb200 Notnewb200 17 July 2017

I am going to keep this image.

It looks dumb, but it's cute. It may look SouthPark, because it is made using SouthPark studio.

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Notnewb200 Notnewb200 15 July 2017

Socky and his life with Ted

After ditching his shelter, ted asked socky his story. socky said: "Once I was just a sock, a plain old sock. some wizard or thing cast a spell on me to make me alive as with eyes and a voice. I just walked with my hole until I found a ditch. They told me I was useless, they were the raiders. I quickly found a gun with ammo as a pulled the trigger. they were very scared and after 2 weeks I finally found a shelter with a crazy man... that man was you....."

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Nat García Nat García 11 February 2017

Something went wrong :-(

I was putting pages in images and item images, where images and pages with images were added (only images and item images before), but I accidentally put Ted and Dolores pages in the item images category. Can someone delete them, please?

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Nat García Nat García 28 January 2017

New contributor!

I'm a new contributor to this wiki! I'll edit more frequently than other users.

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Wolfboy231 Wolfboy231 28 August 2016

Is the Wiki dead?

The Main topic explains it all. But srsly, is the Wiki dead by now?

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ButWithLaserbeams ButWithLaserbeams 16 April 2016


This is mostly to earn that badge but whatever. Everyone's out there playing the game and I'm just sitting here making an extensive list of events, organized better than that other one, or at least, I think it is.

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Robertjaysans Robertjaysans 21 March 2016


Hello, its me, BillyBob125 I'm quitting wikia forever! because it is a freaking pile of crap nowadays! as they keeping changing there rules unanonced and keep making exuses! and they are also now shoving ads in everybodys dang face! and they also removed wikias without any signs of it being removed! and there conturbiuters think it is fine and danty! WTF?! and they also blocked my main account! well! GOODBYE! It was nice knowing you when you were good! but now you suck.

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Duxnt Duxnt 27 October 2015

If you can only bring 3 family members for an shelter,who they will be?


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Alex.sapre Alex.sapre 29 September 2015

Grammatical tips.

Hello, this is Alex Sapre again and I will try to go over some grammatical tips and typing tips for people who need them. This is to help people edit pages. I am really sorry if it seems like I am pinpointing anyone. I am trying to not.

1. Do not put capitals in the middle of the sentence like this: Hi, My name Is Joey, I Work at a restaurant. You can do this in chat or in forums though, just not on pages for editing.

2. The subject and verb have to agree with each other. If the subject is plural, the verb is plural. If the subject is singular, the verb is singular: He does. We do. They are. I am. He plays. We play. The singular verb has an s in the end.

3. Put the word after the space when there is a comma: Hello, my. Not: Hello,my

4. Put the…

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Alex.sapre Alex.sapre 27 September 2015

Important things.

Hello all users, I will give some updates and tips.

1. When you are editing about something you are unsure of, put it in the "Edit summary" box.

2. Try to keep up with new news and updates by clicking "Recent activity".

3. Look at all blog posts since there are incomplete polls.

4. If at anytime you feel that someone with a higher authority is being unfair, please report it to an admin or bureaucrat.

5. When there is a welcome post on your message wall, a bot made it, not us. If you have something you want to say, post it on our message wall.

6. Do not be afraid to correct anyone's grammar or edits. This is a collaborative community.

7. Anyone can create new pages. If you are planning to, check if there is already a page on the topic.

8. Please read D…

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OSayCanUC OSayCanUC 18 September 2015

How would you survive a nuclear fallout?

I would personally would take a gun, a two way radio, my macbook pro, 70 bars of chocolate, and say screw it.

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Dr Civilization Dr Civilization 11 September 2015

Blocked usernames and IPs

This is the Blog of Shame, home to the usernames and IP addresses of the Noobs who went against the system -John Smith. The name/IP will be listed under the reason why they shamed this Wikia. If you see them on a different Wikia, beware!


-Jimmy the Scout


Posting false information:






-Other IPs I havn't found yet.

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Dr Civilization Dr Civilization 9 September 2015

Suggestions for the Wikia

If you have any suggestions, please post them here.

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Dr Civilization Dr Civilization 6 September 2015

What will get you in trouble (please read)

This is a factual page. Unless a miricale occurs, if you do something that is mentioned here, you will be punished. If you get 3 warnings, you will be blocked from promoting and will be fully demoted, 4 and you will be banned! Please comment your name at the bottom to show that you read this, we will message you if you don't, and if you don't comment a month after we meassege you, you will be fully demoted and after 2 months you will be banned.

Things that will get you in trouble:

1 Warning:

  • Edit an article with no real changes to get a badge.
  • Post information that is false without an exuse. (put in the comment that you are not sure and you won't get in trouble)

2 Warnings:

  • Removing stuff from pages that should be on the page
  • Posting olviously fa…

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Alex.sapre Alex.sapre 4 September 2015

My computer

My computer is being VERY weird. For the insanity page, I have added the categories bt they aren't showing up and it looks like I am adding the same categories over and over again. It is just because my computer is being weird. I am not purposefully doing this.

~~Alex Sapre

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Dr Civilization Dr Civilization 2 September 2015

Requirements to be promoted.

I think that when you reach 150 points in badges or have a special case, like making 5 extremely important pages or something, that that should be enough to be mod, and that with either making two important pages or reaching 250 points should make you an Admin.  As of 9/22/15, there will be only 10 admins, 20 mods, and the already proclaimed 3 beurocrats (McWerto, Dr Civilization, and Alex.Sapre), or the power won't be balanced and it works fine as of now. This has been updated twice, on 9/22/15 by -Dr Civilization (talk) 16:56, September 14, 2015 (UTC)

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Dr Civilization Dr Civilization 2 September 2015

Applications to be promoted

I, Dr Civilization, and McWertos will check this as frequently as we can. If you have met the requirements (see the blog), then please put your application here.

Please comment the rank you want:

Mod, Admin,  Buerocrat;

Why you deserve it;

When you posted this;

Your Wikia name;

When you started working on this Wikia;

And finally, your social security nubmer (-; JK

Thanks for contributing!

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Skater4173 Skater4173 14 July 2015

Changing the wiki's name?!?!

Currently, when you search our wiki on a search engine it is called 60 Seconds! Wikia instead of 60 Seconds! Wiki. I feel ending it with wikia sounds unproffesional. I want at least 5 votes for yes before I change it, as well as more yes than no votes.

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McWerto McWerto 13 July 2015


Hello everyone! 

I think we should make a big page with game events. It is gonna be a big work, but this page gonna be useful. I'll start, but everyone can help:)

Also I must said "thank you very much:3" from the admins for all, who help us to make this wikia) You are the best!

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