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Bugs in the PC version

This page shows all the known bugs in the game. (Feel free to add)

  • Having an option to send someone outside on the seconds day disables The scavenge option (Unconfirmed)
  • Giving someone food or water at the day they leave the shelter has no effect. (Except for a scavenge.)
    • The person won't die by thirst or hunger when this happens with the exception of mutant Mary Jane.
  • Some text say nothing at all and do nothing. No event would have happened if the bug didn't trigger
  • Supplies you gain from certain events may go missing.
  • You can win the game and lose at the same time. This will cause you to lose the game.
  • When you give food to someone, they may appear hungry the day after being fed. This is however mostly visual and the hunger may go away the day after that.
  • If someone dies while going outside by certain events, they will still give you resources as if the person came back.
  • When you start up the game, it displays a black screen and you can't play
  • When a scavenge fails , you can still get resources from items you took on the expedition. (Like cans of food gained from the bug spray)
  • When an event occurs about giving food or water. If you select water or food you have a chance that you can not de-select it, and are forced to give that item in the event.
  • Game continues without any Family-Members being present (almost invincible) (Triggering for Bug unclear)

Bugs in the Nintendo Switch version

  • The Twins overlapping the journal

    In endings featuring the characters backsides in view, the characters will overlap the journal when it's viewed. (Fixed)

    The Military overlapping the journal

  • In the driven away ending the journal is completely invisible when you read it, although you can still interact with it as if it was there.
  • Sometimes the journal will already be opened and there will be an option to open the journal at the same time. Clicking the open journal option will just make the option go away and make the pages turn sound or it will turn the page like normal.
  • When pressing the "R", "ZR" and "ZL" buttons at the same time when viewing the journal, the journal's appearance will be messed up for around a second having a few journal pages overlap each other, multiple sounds of a page switching and it will skip over 2 pages rather than one.

Bugs in Atomic Adventure (The Mobile Ports)

  • Sometimes when you lose by the raiders taking your last player the game will go to a black screen
  • Supplies you gain from certain events may go missing(similar to the PC version).
  • Sometimes the screen loads but the picture for the game is in a circle and you can't click anything
  • After collecting supplies screen turns white and you have to guess where the journal is