60 Seconds! Wiki


Must say no to agent events (investigate wire)

Must deny scientist requests (soup/water)

Must have 1 soup and 1 water + 8 extra soup before the event in which we find a fridge starts (in the ? section of the journal) (1 for dolores/ted, and 8 for the cats)

8, you ask? Well, Sharikov is a cat, so 10-1 = 9, and at the very last event, 2 cats appear in shelter. So, there are exactly 8 events in which cats appear.


1: Sharikov continues to occupy the fridge. Meanwhie, another cat somehow entered our shelter when we were asleep and ate some of our soup! We tried throwing the new cat out, but its claws are just too sharp to argue with. (-1 soup) + Vera

2: Another cat showed up in the shelter overnight and with it, another soup can has disappeared. We don't know why these cats keep coming but we can't seem to get rid of them. (-1 soup) + Beren

3: Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, now there are THREE new cats in all... and three empty soup cans. How do we stop this madness!? (-1 soup) + Deerme

4: All right, this seems highly suspicious. With FOUR new animals in the shelter, we're starting to think Sharikov's newhome might not be just an ordinary fridge after all. Maybe it's some kind of cat communication device? (-1 soup) + Mat

5/6 (interchangable): "Sharikov, we see you sitting in that cloning fridge, making imperfect clones of yourself each and every night. We don't know why you choose to torment us and take away our precious soup to give to your brothers and sisters instead. Did we hurt you somehow? Or is it just in your very nature to sit in every single box-shaped the world has to offer, no matter what the consequences might be?" (-1 soup) + Mith

5/6 (interchangable): Last night, we slept with one eye open and we SAW IT. That thing is no refrigerator! It's a cloning device! Early in the morning, there was a small flash of light emanating from the machine and another vile creature materialized right next to us! When will this end? Do we even have enough supplies to feed all of these hungry mouths? (-1 soup) + Rad

7: "We don't know how much longer we can go on like this. Not only is our food rapidly dwindling, but we're also starting to question our sanity. Maybe we're all just hallucinating? Yeah, that's it..." (-1 soup, one family member becomes crazy) (+Pawka/Solid)

8: "They just... keep coming. We give up. Please... make it stop..." (-1 soup) (+2 cats) (Solid/Pawka+ Azya)

After 9 cats have been cloned, or 10 total cats in the bunker, without running out of soup, you get Cat Lady

Cat Names (in sequential or leftmost/rightmost order)

Cat Names (left to right):

  1. Azya (leftmost on screen)
  2. Rad (table next to radio)
  3. Deerme (under table)
  4. Sharikov (first cat in shelter)
  5. Mith (rolling around under gun)
  6. Mat (cabinet)
  7. Vera (in front of the playing cards table)
  8. Solid (eating roach)
  9. Pawka (rightmost)
  10. Beren (covering food, looking at the gas mask to the right wall)

Cats In Order of Appearance

  1. Sharikov
  2. Vera (?) (starts cat lady)
  3. Beren
  4. Deerme
  5. Mat
  6. Mith
  7. Rad
  8. Solid/Pawka
  9. Solid/Pawka (whichever one you didn't get) + Azya