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Challenges are a feature of 60 seconds. They can get you hats (Scavenge Challenges) and other cool item skins (Survival Challenges)

Note the Table of Contents to go to each and every challenge.

I would know, I completed every challenge and completed every achievement in the game in 11 days (not to brag), and you can do it too!

Some of it will require common sense, and good decision making. Most of it should be given to you.

Scavenge Challenges are at the bottom, since we're all mostly here for the survival challenges (let's be honest, here!)

Good Luck :)

*Completed Every Survival Challenge and Scavenge Challenge 5 times each

Survival Challenges

Shelter Alone (Home Alone reference)

To make everything easier, I will highlight and underline the correct choices for each scenario (or at least most of them)

  • You must prepare to feed Timmy every 5-7 days and give water every 5 days.
  • Yes, you can survive by feeding and watering Timmy every 5 days, as an extra soup can is found in the hole in the wall (Timmy will not be sick)
  • You also are required to maintain the Radio, Suitcase, two extra waters. If you did not have any of those at the beginning, the robbers will simply be 'unable to find their flashlight' and go away.
  • Always open packages from family members (and not the one without any note on it). They are always safe.

Important Note:

  • Timmy will go crazy on Day 2 if the Boy Scout Handbook is not present. However, you may get it as a family gift. Use it on Uncle Brian and the other family who have photos. This will make Timmy sane and NOT run away. If crazy, he WILL run away on day 28.

  • Gun: On Day 2, you will be asked to defend your home with a gun. You must do this, and the gun will always break.
  • Suitcase: If there is an option between the Suitcase and Gas Mask (the scenario is talking about if a heavy object were to knock them out....), always pick the suitcase. The suitcase will be destroyed, but the gas mask will not succeed to bring them down.
  • Checkers: Something needs to be done before the bandit's return. One of them is barefoot. What could make them really feel the pain... A Map, or Checkers? Checkers hurt, so select those. You'll lose those too, sadly, but you won't be raided!
  • Two Bottles of Water: It's freezing cold outside! You are given an option to make the robbers slip on cards, or two bottles of water. The correct option should be the two bottles of water. You will have to rely on family members, traders to give you more water, or the 'Wolverines' demanding to allow you to open in the name of freedom, as you need two water to survive.
  • Radio: The bandits will surely be back soon. We need to convince them we have reinforcements. The radio, or the medkit? The radio, as it has sound! Use it, and it will not break! The robbers won't rob you for another day!
  • Bug Spray: If the bandits threaten to 'Light up this damp', use the bug spray, rather than the flashlight. The bug spray will blind them temporarily.

Other Events that may occur

  • Open Door in Name of Freedom/Trade Ammo: 'Open in the name of Freedom!'. In this scenario, open the door. They will provide the extra waters you will need to survive. Either that or a trader willing to trade water will come by. If you have ammo, make a deal with them. If not, don't trade the radio.
  • Never give up the suitcase in the fishing scenario, unless you have already encountered the Suitcase/Gas Mask scenario where you bonk 'em on the head really hard.
  • Need to investigate a hole in the wall? If you have already used the radio to scare raiders, go ahead, it will give you a can of soup. Otherwise, don't do it, you might lose the radio. No sickness.
  • If you are given the raccoon scenario, use the suitcase (provided that a family member has brought you an extra one). It will not break. It only occurs if a family member gives you a Boy Scout Handbook. This will give you a soup can.
  • If you are given the shower scenario, use the gas mask. It won't break.
  • If you have a boy scout handbook, you could also be given a scenario in which you can recollect memories of Uncle Brian. Go ahead, it reduces insanity.
  • A group of people in green pajamas, the Merrymen, are knocking. NEVER answer, as they will take two items you need (no matter how poor you are in this challenge).

Other Notes:

  • Make it to day 27? No need to choose anything, you've basically won! Just feed the boy and he'll be alright. Waste all the food you want, its not needed... unless he was crazy at day 2 and has never been cured from insanity. (he was sane for less than two days)
  • On Day 29, the relentless thugs will show up and you will not prepare anything! Hope they slip on the ladder! No worries, your family will come from behind and take them down!
  • On Day 30, there is a chance Timmy can go insane (if you happen to not have the Boy Scout Book), and you have a lot of presents, you'll find out what they are.

A Woman and Her Dog

  • In this challenge, you will need to feed the dog often. Feed yourself every 5-7 days (7 assuming you are in dire need of food) and drink every day for 5, as the dog will most likely find water.
  • Always let the dog out
  • When given the feed dog soup scenario, do not feed him the first time it occurs, as this does nothing. You do have to feed him the second and third time it occurs, though.
  • There is a possibility for firefighters to be outside, threatening to burn your house. If near the early stage, like before day 15, you should use the bug spray first, unless you have more than 2 cans of soup (even if it is 0.25). If you have more than that, wait til you have only 2 and no decimal point more than that.
  • If there is any scenario where the map is the only option, use it.
  • Let Pancake outside as often as possible, as you cannot go outside.
  • Don't investigate the stench unless radio is not usable. This gives food out.
  • Pancake wants you to go on a supply run. If you have a padlock, lock your door behind you! But, only do this if you are in dire need of them, as Dolores can get sick from it.
  • You can also try to cure her by feeding her for 3-5 consecutive days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. If she is still sick after fifth day, then she can only be cured by the shower event or medkit. This is not reccomended, as pancake needs about 6-10 soup for this challenge.
  • Try to defend from the raiders. Save the bug spray, the padlock, the axe, and the harmonica (if you have it) for them. You will need it, as if you do not, Pancake will die.
  • Supply crates are crucial. If you don't get the event, restart.

Scouts Honor

  • You NEED to protect Timmy. Food and Water every 5 days, since scavenging can mess up day counts and it may get confusing.
  • There is an event in which you need the medkit in order to sleep. Too bad you don't have it. Timmy may go insane from this event.
  • Note that this challenge requires luck. You need to get lucky and manage to collect a map by scavenging or trading. Otherwise, the twin ending may be impossible. The government ending is best.
  • To protect Timmy's sanity, when you receive a phone call, send Timmy.
  • You should not let Timmy scavenge, as he can die.
  • In the radioactive ants scenario, choose Timmy's side rather than Dolores's. This will prevent Timmy from getting sick and/or insane, and just results in the loss of a soup can... unless you need the food and would sacrifice a bit of sickness.
  • Go for the twin ending. This means no stealing from anyone, unless you have no food and you have the items for the military ending.

Final Countdown

Here's a base strategy. I got Pancake out of the shelter, and also killed off Mary Jane. If Ted is Deranged (second stage of crazy), keep Timmy, and kill Ted. You only need 12-14 cans and waters. Do math to figure out if you do not need to scavenge immediately. If you have 2 people in shelter or less, 3-4 cans of soup and water are good for a while. Don't scavenge unless they are going to die within 10-15 days. This applies to the later stages of the game, like day 30 or more.

  • Survive for 99 days.
  • Feed and quench everyone's thirst everyone every 5 days.
  • Then don't give the soup to pancake. This means sacrificing pancake leaving the shelter.
  • Scavenge until day 30-40, or if you have scavenged 4 times. Try to space out your scavenges, 2-3 days in between.
  • Endings do not exist. You can safely raid the old people. Schools are not an option, as you never get anything out of them. Make the best decisions, if you don't know them, go to Events and basically, that's it. At day 100, the government will rescue you.

Survival of The Fittest (requires a ton of luck)

Survival of the Fittest is a very difficult challenge. You must think about the times you go out, and have the right items inside the shelter.

  • Load into game. If you do not have checker board inside shelter, you must reload until you do.
  • You must feed and hydrate family members on day 34, 39, and so forth. Since Day 30 is usually feeding day, the family members will die at day 35.
  • Do not ever answer door nor go outside to collect resources. Raiders come and raid you.
  • Attempt to trade for the Boy Scout Book, Gun, or Bug Spray. This keeps roaches OUT.
  • After roaches are cleared, you will not need the above items any more.

Pattern you should scavenge:

  • Send Mary Jane with checker board. On day 30.
  • gas mask. She will come back day 36-39
  • Dolores with Gas Mask
  • Timmy next (gas mask, or checker board/cards if you break it)
  • Ted (nothing)
  • Mary Jane (if she's healed, gas mask), if not, send Dolores out again.
  • Timmy (if also healed, if not, cards)
  • Dolores/Ted (Dolores if you have not already sent her out two times)

Responsible Parenting

  • Kids must be alive for 50 days, they cannot scavenge, and weapons are disabled.
  • Mary Jane will NOT turn into a mutant. That's probably unhealthy for a kid, and it was probably disabled too by Robot Gentleman for this challenge.
  • Food/Water every 5 days, unless you are running out of food or the kids are sick and you do not have a medkit.
  • If you are starting to run out of food (2 or less cans of soup), then feed them every 6-7 days. Note that after 2 feedings with a period of 7 days between, Mary Jane will need to be fed until she is merely just Hungry (water rations will not change by this, still every 5 days)
  • Try to scavenge as much as possible. If needed, sacrifice an adult to sickness if you are in dire need of food and water.
  • Do not use the medkit on a parent. Save it for a child.
  • Try to cater to the kids. Otherwise they could possibly go insane and leave.
  • If running low on food or water, and scavenging has failed you, kill Dolores off if Ted is not dead.
  • If Ted is sick after day 35, you cannot and absolutely should not heal him. He can survive.
  • If the kids are sick, fall into a state of extreme gluttony. This means feeding them or giving them water every 2 days. This will postpone the sickness that catches them. If you do not, the kids will die within 3 days.
  • Try to save ammo, or the bug spray (unless it is the shower scenario or everyone is literally going to get raided). There is a shower scenario in which, if you shower everyone, sickness is cured for all family members.
  • Mutated cockroaches? Side with Timmy. Sickness and or insanity? No thanks, just take my soup can and leave, nasty little roach.

Scavenge Challenges

It's all about strategy here, boys! Here's a working strategy. Mary Jane/Suitcase first and an item that only takes up one item space. Then, collect the other with another item that only takes up one space.

It is also helpful to turn rotation sensitivity all the way. You can find it in the pause menu during the challenge. Note that every single challenge but the Cooks Hot is possible with normal rotation sensitivity.

You should collect items nearest to each other. If the weapons/medkits are not close to each others, take two nearer items instead and adjust priority list

Yes, I had to adjust mine too to achieve all hats.

Yes, I completed every single one of them too. Twice.


  • If you grab something while still holding the forward button, or run straight for at least 2 seconds, you go extremely fast. This helps for scavenging and the challenges.
  • You should not run several miles to grab item from list. You should try to grab nearby items to make it more efficient.

Beren Style

  • Collect Mary Jane First, and try to collect a near item on the list
  • Dolores, Timmy, Medkit or Gun. You can select any combination of following items, and it will require two trips.
  • Gas Mask or Radio + 3 Water
  • Gas Mask or Radio with 3 Food

Year of The Dog

The Strat Here is to collect a three spaces up person/thing and another item that only takes up one for the first two runs.

  • Mary Jane + Map
  • Suitcase + Padlock
  • Dolores + Timmy (or even some food)
  • 4+ Cans of Food (or a family member you didnt collect)
  • Whichever item you didn't collect (takes up only one item space).

Die For Valhalla

  • Axes, Axes, Axes. Collect the ones near the far end of the house first (bathroom end), and then the near end (rooms near the shelter door). This will help in case you come up last minute.
  • Prepare to sacrifice an item space if you happen to find an axe near a soup can and a gas mask. Take all three, as it is impossible to collect just the axe itself (gotta get lucky if you dont want the soup can and the gas mask to end up in the same place as the living room.

Pumpkin Spice Soup

  • Mary Jane/Suitcase first, along with an item that takes up one item space (Flashlight/Cards/Bug Spray/Map/Gas Mask) Ex: Mary Jane + Flashlight
  • Repeat the first step with the other item this time. Ex: Suitcase + Cards
  • Dolores/Timmy/Axe
  • Whichever one from the list above you didn't collect + Any two items Ex: Axe + Bug Spray and Map
  • All Three Cans of Food with the item that wasn't collected yet


  • Mary Jane + Map (or any one item space item)
  • Suitcase + any one item space item
  • Dolores + Timmy
  • Food and Water
  • The last two items you didn't collect


  • Dolores first, plus two items
  • Just collect four items per trip to and fro the shelter.

Lone Wolf

  • No Family members! It should be fairly easier than the others
  • Axe/Gun/Medkit First
  • Whichever one you didn't collect from above list + two items
  • Fill up with four items per trip to and fro the shelter.
  • It is the trickiest to get the ammo, which is near a cabinet or on a table in the hallway.


  • Mary Jane + item
  • Dolores/Timmy/Axe
  • Whichever one you didn't collect from above list + 2 items
  • All Food
  • All Water
  • Card+Radio+Gas Mask

4th of July

  • Mary Jane + Ammo (not neccesarily required)
  • Dolores/Timmy/Gun (any two items containing two item spaces)
  • Any item with two item spaces are interchangeably taken to shelter
  • Ammo

Nuclear Winter

  • Mary Jane + Any other item
  • Dolores/Timmy/Gun/Medkit (two trips with any combination works)
  • All water
  • whichever items you don't have

Timmy's Scout Camp

  • Timmy/Axe/Medkit/Gun (two trips with any combo)
  • Suitcase + Any item with one space
  • Remaining items (four in each trip unless you don't have any more to take)

Siberian Wasteland

  • Mary Jane + Soup
  • Dolores/Timmy/Axe + 2 Soups

Soup Hot

  • Sometimes, you have to get lucky. (There must be 3+ soup in far bathroom, 4+ soup in large bathroom, kitchen must have 4+ soup, bedroom and living room combined must have 8 soup). Don't waste time looking for the right run. Just go for it and see if you make it. This is by far, the hardest Scavenge Challenge, if not the hardest challenge (other than Survival of the Fittest)
  • Rotation Sensitivity Should be Max
  • Bathroom soup
  • Other Bathroom Soup
  • Kitchen Soup
  • If the bedroom is near shelter, collect those at the far end
  • Living Room Soup + Remaining Parent (Brown) Bedroom Soups
  • Some rotations may be different. Adjust your run according to rooms from farthest to nearest with at least two soup near each other in each)

Ted's Army

  • Mary Jane + item
  • Dolores/Timmy/Gun/Medkit (two trips, two items)
  • everything else

Trapper's Delight

  • Suitcase + item
  • Dolores/Axe/Gun
  • Which ever one you didn't collect + two items
  • The remaining items

Mr. Roboto

  • Mary Jane + Item
  • Dolores/Tmmy/Gun/Axe/Medkit (interchangable, two trips)
  • Whichever one you didn't collect + two items
  • The rest of items


  • Mary Jane + Item
  • Timmy + Item
  • Food + Items
  • Water + Items
  • The rest of the items