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Playable Characters (60 Seconds!/Reatomized):



Ted is one of the main family members in 60 Seconds! and 60 Seconds!: Reatomized, he is the husband of Dolores and the father of Mary Jane and Timmy. He is one of the 2 playable characters in Scavenge Mode. In the iOS version, there is no chance to get the Raiders ending when Ted is the last person in the bunker during a raiders attack with no weapons, But in the Steam version, there is a chance that you will get the raiders ending when you have no weapons during a raider attack. When playing as Dolores, Ted takes three inventory slots scavenging.



Dolores is the wife of Ted and mother of Mary Jane and Timmy. During scavenge mode, she's been a playable character in Scavenge Mode since the Dolores DLC. She is the 2nd best in expeditions as she will usually obtain many items, but she is most commonly captured by raiders whilst searching for supplies.

Mary Jane

Mary jane.png

Mary Jane is the daughter of Ted and Dolores. She is overall a liability as she is the least resistant to insanity, she takes up three slots during scavenging. However, there is a chance that she can bring back 6 bottles of water and 4-6 cans of soup. There is also a chance that she becomes a mutant, when bitten by a mutant spider. After that, she becomes more useful, being unaffected by conditions. As a mutant, she also won't require Water anymore, but more Soup Cans as a result.



Timmy is the youngest child of Ted and Dolores. Timmy is the best at scavenging, and takes the least amount of time to come home from the wastelands (he is also most likely to bring the items that you send him with back).



Pancake is a stray dog that comes to the shelter. After a series of events involving the dog, (if done correctly), he will join the family. He, unlike anyone else, will never leave, unless a certain event is done in a certain way.



Sharikov is a cat you can obtain in 60 Seconds!, similarly to Pancake. You can get the cat by giving one can of tomato soup to a stranger (described as "sleazy") with a sack. Once the bag is obtained, Sharikov will pop out of it. You can also get Sharikov from a yes or no prompt, saying something about going to a destroyed camp and finding a cat in the middle of the rubble. The yes or no prompt is if you will let Sharikov in or not.