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This is a page where most information about 60 Seconds DLC can be found. These can all be bought for free.

"What's In The Suitcase?"

Release date: Friday September 12th, 2015

Developer(s): Robot Gentleman, Beren.

Hype rating (1-10): 8

What was hinted at: The Suitcase and Padlock

New Animal Companion: None

New Items: Suitcase, Padlock

Added Features:

  • New Ending: Survivor Rescue
  • New Music and Sounds
  • New Scavenging Function
  • New Events

Links: DLC Items, Events, Suitcase, Padlock.

"Rocket Science"

Description: "In these perilous times only science can save us. Especially if it has rockets in it."

Release Date: Around the 2017 New Year

Developers: Robot Gentleman.

Hype rating: (1-10): 9

What was hinted at: A Rocket

New Items: None

New Animal Companion: None

Added Features:

  • New journal entries
  • Challenges

Links: Hats

CATomic DLC/Adventure

Description: "Spooks. Crazy scientists. Cats. What can possibly go wrong?"

Release date: January 2018

Developers: Robot Gentleman

Hype rating: (1-10): 10

What was hinted at: Sharikov's paw prints

New Items: None

New Animal Companion: Sharikov

New Features:

  • Sharikov and several other cats
  • 4 New Endings
    • Crazy Cat Lady Ending
    • Scientist Ending
    • Feline Domination Ending
    • Men In Black Ending
  • New events
  • New music track, "Cat Swing"

Dolores DLC

Description: "You may know Dolores as an avid book reader, a coffee lover and a staring champion. You are about to discover a whole lot more about her."

Release date: 8/16/18

Hype rating: (1-10): 4.5

Developers: Robot Gentleman

New Items: Harmonica

New Animal Companion: None

New Features:

  • New achievements
  • New events
  • Control Dolores in Scavenge Mode
  • New text
  • New soundtrack music