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Deedee Dawkins is one of the six main characters in the game 60 Parsecs!. When scavenging, she has four inventory slots, and takes up two herself if not. If not chosen in scavenging mode, she can be seen pouring herself a cup of coffee.

As a child, Deedee was a skilled figure skater, although her career was prematurely ended due to an injury. "...becoming the champion she was always destined to be" is stated as one of her reasons for joining the Astrocitizen program.


Deedee Dawkins has curly blonde hair and pale skin. She wears red lipstick and a red bandana with white dots on her head. Her space suit is cyan with red joints. Her gloves, boots, and collar are a very light shade of blue. As time passes, her hair will grow longer.


She is almost always shown with a cup of coffee.


A former child athlete whose promising career was ended by an untimely injury. As an adult, she struggles to reinvent herself, but the reality is far from what she once imagined. She joined the Astrocitizen Program in hopes of regaining her confidence, and finally becoming the champion she was always destined to be.


Agility: III (Limber)

Intelligence: I (Average)

Strength: I (Average)

Boost: Caffeinated [Your hunger decays slower.]

Captain's Goal: Make 7 successful attribute decisions of any type.  (Prove yourself and achieve greatness.)


  • In Scavenging mode, Deedee has the highest running speed due to having the best Agility in the game, making her one of the best scavengers next to Baby Bronco.
  • She is the only character in 60 Parsecs! that makes a cameo in the game's prequel 60 Seconds! on the Dolores DLC. She also appears in a promotional picture of the DLC, seemingly working as a waitress.
  • When Deedee is insane, she grows paranoid of her cup of coffee.
    • However, when she's Well-Fed and Insane, she looks disgusted at her coffee.
  • It appears that Deedee used to live in a small apartment near the family in 60 Seconds! where the whole place smelled of coffee, filled with tons of coffee beans inside her room. This information was revealed in the Dolores DLC of 60 Seconds!
  • If Dawkins is the player's soulmate, there is an event that can reveal her past as an athlete.
  • The player will learn that Deedee was a professional figure skater until her accident from years ago.
    • Deedee said she suffered an unfortunate fall during a champion show while attempting to do a quadruple axel jump, which is what effectively ended her career.
  • If Deedee was picked as a crew member, died during the run, and you got a good ending, she is represented by her coffee cup broken with lipstick marks on the lid.
  • At the map you can see deedee spilled coffee