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Depending on player choice, you will receive an Ending. Some endings are good and some are bad. They are dependent on the player's choices throughout the game.

Lose :

  • If both adults are removed from gameplay (left the shelter, captured by bandits, or died) the game will end, regardless of how many children are in the shelter.
  • Raiders attack the fallout shelter with no means of defending it.
  • If cats enter your shelter but you run out of soup, you will receive a losing ending "Feline Domination" instead of the "Cat Lady" ending. You can get ”Cat Lady” with any family member such as Ted or Dolores.

Kinda win :

(The game ending text reads "You survived...Maybe.")

  • Cat Lady - The cats become your new overlords. Plus, you have fed ten cats. (-1 soup can for 8 days).
  • The game-ending text reads "You survived...maybe."
    • The Agents give the family a presidential shelter where they will live in peace with an unlimited number of resources
    • You fly away in the scientist's rocket ship because you wanted to

The text on screen will say

" Your Fate Remains Unknown " This is perhaps a nod towards the game's sequel 60 Parsecs.


Winning nothing involve successfully being extracted from the shelter by either the Military or the twins. And also, the vehicle endings. (The game-ending text reads "You survived.")

Driven Away:

Driven Away endings are a game over for the player as well, as it involves the family getting locked out of their shelter before they are rescued. This ending will only occur if the fallout shelter is left completely unoccupied during an expedition. Neither the military nor the twins are capable of locking down their position at this point and cannot render assistance to them, so the family cannot be saved, resulting in them becoming hunter-gatherers. (The final screen has text that reads: "You were driven away.")

The Following Endings can happen if there is no one left except one character who is on an expedition

  • Another family takes over the fallout shelter
  • Priests drive the family away
  • Bandits take over the shelter
  • The Military decides to take over the fallout shelter
  • A contraption takes over the shelter
  • Marlon takes over the shelter

This is the only ending which can happen if the remaining family members are still inside the shelter.

  • The cats take over your house

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