60 Seconds! Wiki

The Flashlight is an item that can be used for three events (shown below). It is one of the potential requirements to get the Military Rescue ending, so it should be considered a priority when Scavenging. If it breaks, it can be repaired with the Boy Scout Handbook.


The flashlight appears as a simple red flashlight with four different colors. When broken, appears with broken glass.

Events involving the flashlight

Getting Rescued by Plane: (Requires the flashlight)

Summary: After contacting the military via Radio, they will tell the player that a military airplane is flying over the neighborhood and the player must signal them with a flashlight. If the player doesn't have one or skips this event, it can reoccur, so the player can still get the military rescue ending.

Finding a dog: (Requires the flashlight)

Summary: The player will be told that a growling is heard in the darkness of a spare room. Using the Flashlight will reveal Pancake, who will leave to come back later. (Pancake Events)

Repairing the flashlight: (Requires the boy scout handbook and the flashlight itself.)

Summary: The player will be told that they can try to fix the flashlight if they have a Boy Scout Handbook. The player may fail or succeed. The book may break if used in this situation. Members may be hurt if the player fails or succeeds.