60 Seconds! Wiki

The furry challenge is an easy challenge. Here are the rules, ( Reccomended to do on big boy or little guy but unless you have experience do NOT do Tsar bomb)

1. In any pet getting scenario you must get the pet. (Unless you don't have the items for it)

2. You must try to get the cat lady ending. (Optional)

3. If you get the suitcase you must ALWAYS take it cause animals are greedy usually.

4.If you get the scenario you can not turn Mary Jane into a mutant unless you have to.

5. For the first 5 days you can not send anyone to scavenge.

6. If the twins come asking for something give them what they ask for. (You can help nobody else but the mutants if the situation occurs.)

7. You can not harm animals if you have the gun. (Aka Pancake the dog is not allowed to be harmed)

8. You must at least last 65 days. If you die or escape before then you do not complete the challenge.