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Added in Dolores DLC.

The harmonica is an item that was added in the Dolores DLC. The harmonica's music can help you survive the wasteland.

Compared to other items in the game, it is very useful, as it is another option for warding off bandits and can be used to increase sanity. The Harmonica can be a yes or no option. Pressing yes will wield cockroaches that do not harm the player. It again can happen as a selectable option. If yes is selected, the cockroaches will bring supplies.


  • The harmonica can be eaten by Pancake if he isn't fed for 2 days.
  • If clicked on, it will play a sound that reminds of an harmonica instrument.
  • The harmonica can protect you from raiders. If you play the harmonica when raiders come, they will be sobbing and let you live because the music from the harmonica was so beautiful.
  • There is also a chance that it won't work and it will be taken by raiders.
  • It is not common, but possible, to ward off raiders multiple times with harmonica (Little Boy and Fat Man.)
  • It can be used to increase sanity in some situations.
  • If in a scenario where you can choose a family member to play harmonica, you should use Ted. Dolores will make everyone sick, Timmy plays horribly, and Mary Jane gets tired.
  • There is a chance when Mary Jane walks with her band teacher, she will recieve the harmonica.