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Hats are a clothing item in 60 Seconds! that can be earned after successfully completing a challenge. Hats give no special abilities in game and are only decoration/stylistic purposes. Once the hat is unlocked by successfully completing a scavenge challenge players can right click or press the B or L1/L2 button on the controller to select the desired hat on the PC version or highlight a character and press Y or ZL/ZR on the Nintendo Switch version.


  • Some hats are references to pop culture and other media with the hats.
    • The top hat is a reference to the developers of this game Robot Gentleman.
    • Ted's army is a reference to the movie Dad's Army
  • Hats will not be scuffed up or destroyed even if the character is fatigued. Dolores's Hats will fall off when she's dead, and Ted's Hats will just rotate slightly when dead.
  • No, there is no such character named Bonnie in 60 seconds. Also, Mary Jane is a teenager, not 10.