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Injuries are one of the status effects that can be caused by various events or by scavenging.  

Gameplay effects

Injuries are like Sickness, but much worse. Injuries can only be cured with the First Aid Kit. The injured family member will die if the player doesn't heal him/her for a long period of time. They also can get sick if hurt for a long period. There are many variations of being hurt for every member; from casts to bandages (Ted will have bandages and scars, Timmy with bandages, Dolores with bandages/cast and Mary Jane with bandages/cast). 


  • Strangely, when Ted is injured, his casts and bandages appear to be different when he is Insane and when he is not. Sometimes, his tired and insane injuries appear different than when he is awake.
  • Eventually, after not being treated for a long time or if you ignore or are unable to do the event that prompts you to cure an injured family member, they will get sick. This could be used to a players advantage though, waiting for the family member to get sick before removing all ailments.
  • Sock, when Ted is hurt, will appear to have bandages on his face. More specifically, his upper mouth.
  • The second stage of this is Agony, which means you are really close to dying.
  • Mutant Mary Jane can only be injured in 60 Seconds!, and not the reatomized version. She looks the same, with and without injuries. No bandages.


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