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The Journal is a book on the bottom right corner of the shelter, appearing in 60 Seconds! and 60 Seconds! Reatomized. It tells the player about all events, all characters' status, rationing, preparing for expeditions, etc. It is the only way to finish a day.


The Journal looks like a yellow book with a pencil on it. The inside looks like a old journal with dark words. The paper is brownish-orange, and sometimes stained and has sometimes drawings on it.

The journal ends up ripped through with a pencil and left outside the fallout shelter's door, but only if the player gets any driven away ending.

The calligraphy on the Journal is the font "KG Just Me Again Down Here" (this font is free)


Comparison between the old empty slot look and the new one.

Somehow the journal tells the player about Ted/ Dolores' death even if they are the last person in the fallout shelter.

  • In the expedition preparation part, the empty slots would look like the inventory slots in the scavenging section (a hand). This was later changed to red x'es in an update.
  • The Journal refers to the family as "we" even if someone is alone.
    • It cannot be written by any of the characters of the fallout shelter because it refers to all of the characters in third person. However, it is possible that a character (likely Ted) is writing thoughts on behalf of the group, and thus would refer to itself with the group, hence "we" after supposedly asking the family's thoughts on a certain situation.
      • This could also imply that the player is another character since exept for the scavenging part you do not control anyone.
  • The drawings that can appear in the Journal entries are:
    • A drawing of Ted as a superhero.
    • A poorly-drawn angry face.
    • A drawing of a stick figure killing another stick figure with a knife.
    • A drawing of Dolores' face.
    • A drawing of a person relaxing in a beach.
    • A drawing of Mary Jane playing a saxophone (despite her instrument being a tuba).
    • A drawing of a house and a sunshine
    • A drawing of a person pointing a gun toward his or her head and firing.
    • A drawing of a piece of cake with text saying "I want Cake!".
    • A drawing of a cat chasing a mouse
    • A drawing of a person probably Dolores, with a detergent spray and a angry face.
    • A drawing of a spoon, an open can of soup and a fork with some mosquitoes flying around it.
    • A drawing of a burger and a flag on it.
    • A drawing of a man lying on a beach.