These are a list of references and Easter eggs that can be found in 60 Parsecs!

Y, The Last Man

The name of Maegan Mann is a nod to the character Allison Mann from the comic book series Y, The Last Man.[1]

Back to the Future

The player can encounter an event where a blue print is found for a device called the 'flux capacitor,' the player has the choice to assemble it or not, if denied, The main computer mentions that the only person to successfully build one is "a scientist living in a small mountain town in Calfornia, unsure which year." This is a reference to the device of the same name and the inventor of the flux capacitor, Dr. Emmet Brown in the Back to the Future series, Dr. Emmet Brown being one of the main characters in the series and living in the town of Hill Valley, California. The "unsure which year" part refers his to his constant time traveling throughout the series.


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