60 Seconds! Wiki

The Map is an item that the player can find in scavenging. It will help the player find places that the military will ask to go. It should be considered as a small scavenging priority since it does help the player communicate but does not appear to have any other purpose.

If the player clicks on it during survival, a red 'X' will appear wherever the player clicked. The player cannot get rid of the red 'X' but can click again and it will move to the spot he/she just clicked on. If the player goes on an expedition the character will explore the area with the 'X' if he/she brings the map with it.



To get to the church the player must mark the 'X' on the little pond in the middle right of the map at the top of the small river.


To get to the subway the player must mark the 'X' on the back area of Mary Jane's hair. The best strategy in this location is to equip the suitcase and bring the map and your ammunition for your expedition.


To get to the Hospital the player must mark the 'X' in the top-left hand corner of the map, for a higher chance click in the middle when the road makes a rectangle. (Higher chance of obtaining a med-kit)


There may be an event where water starts flooding the shelter. The map is one of the three items that the player can save (others being the Radio and the Cards). If the player saves it, it will not be damaged and still be usable. If the player doesn't save it, the map  will be torn in places and be unusable but repairable.

The map in scavenging.

If the map was damaged by the flood event or the crazy Ted event, the player will be able to repair the torn places with the Boy Scout Handbook. It will be usable again. There is a chance when trying to repair the map that it will be further destroyed and beyond repair.


  • It can be broken by Ted while he is insane, it is still repairable after this happens.
  • There may be scribbles that may or may not lead to a treasure on the map. The drawings either lead to treasure or nothing.
  • If the player brings the map in the DLC "What's in the suitcase?" on a expedition, the character comes back considerably faster.
  • The map shows a real city, it is of downtown Kalisz in Poland, Wielkopolska voivodeship.