60 Seconds! Wiki

The Military is a group in 60 Seconds! that can rescue you. There are multiple events that occur based on random draw which can require the radio, flashlightmap, axe, cards or rifle before the Military will rescue you.

If you performed any Dark Events, the Military are the only group that will be able to rescue you.


Radio: You need it to start events with Military.

  • "We made contact! The military is out there and they're coming for us! All we need to do now is wait patiently. The soldier with the boring voice was very specific about this. Help is on the way! We just need to wait for further instructions and keep our radio in working order."

Axe: An event requiring axe to chop trees can occur. It raises chances of getting rescued.

  • "We chopped down as many trees as we could. It wasn't much, but hopefully it will make the difference they wanted. The next time they get in touch, it'd better be from a tank parked on our lawn, or what's left of it. Our only regret is that this wood chopping business ruined our axe."

Map: When Military sends you broadcast with coordinates, you have to use map to get there. It can also be a trap, damaging one of yours family member.

  • "A quick glance at the map gave us all the information we required. We left them a message in a bottle."

Rifle: At some point, Military will ask you to throw out your rifle. To complete this event, you don't have to throw out your gun, when it's damaged, or not owned.

  • "Since we didn't have a gun to begin with, soldiers shouldn't have any issues with us." (only occurs when no rifle present/rifle is broken)

Cards: You must put the cards in front of your shelter to make a sign for the Military, with how many people are inside.

  • "The cards are in place. All we need to do is wait for the army to pinpoint our location. That shouldn't take long, we hope."

Flashlight: Eventually, the military will send a pilot to fly over the neighbourhood. You'll need the flashlight to signal their aircraft and let them know where to look for you.

  • "Everything was going as planned, but then the flashlight stopped working! We were lucky to get it fixed just in time to hear the distant roar of the plane's engines. We're pretty sure the pilot saw us. Let's see if they get back to us!"

Harmonica : The military will ask you to go on a high hill and play a Instrument as loud as possible

“ We went on the hill and played the Star Spangled Banner on the Harmonica . We hope This patroism will get us rescued “