60 Seconds! Wiki

The strategic experience. Survive while facing different challenges that will put your leadership skills to the test! Most achievements and statistics disabled.

Missions is a game mode in 60 Parsecs! where you play with a set captain, crew and inventory.

The goal is to complete a main objective while trying to accomplish two other minor objectives. Doing so awards you with medals, which unlock more missions.

Currently, there are 7 missions to complete and 21 medals to obtain. Every character has a mission of their own as a captain.

Mission 1 - Space Pursuit

Space Pursuit.png

"The Death Robots are in pursuit! Unless April Angelle Manages to sufficiently upgrade the shuttle in time, a tragic fate will befall a team of Astrocitizens on board. Better get to work, April. The clock is ticking!"

Medals Required: None


★ - Fully upgrade the ship's engines.

☆ - Don't lose any crewmates.

☆ - Finish the main objective in 20 days or less.

Captain: April Angelle

Crewmates: Baby Bronco, Tom Thomson

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 2, Expedition System lvl 2, Engines lvl 1.

Inventory: 10 Chemicals, Minerals and Energy resources, 9 Cans of Soup, Handbook, Atomic Battery, Artifact and Shovel.

Additional Hazards: You must upgrade the Engines to level 3 within 40 days, otherwise Death Robots will catch up to you and you'll get a game over. To upgrade to level 2, you need 40 Chemical & Mineral resources and 2 days. To upgrade to level 3, you need 80 Energy resources and 3 days.

Ending message: "And so, April Angelle managed to turn a dilapidated shuttle into a state-of-the-art vessel, and outran the merciless squad of Death Robots. A rumor quickly spread that the renovated vessel was able to traverse even the longest routes in less than 12 parsecs, but that seems unlikely, since - as every child knows - parsecs is an unit of distance, not time."

Mission 2 - The Plague from Outer Space

The Plague from Outer Space.png

"Earth is being plagued by an alien virus! Only Emmet Ellis is smart enough to synthesize a cure, but he will need to collect extraterrestrial compounds first! Help Emmet blast into space and collect the elusive chemicals!"

Medals required: None


★ - Collect 200 chemicals

☆ - Don't lose any crewmates.

☆ - Finish the main objective in 30 days or less.

Captain: Emmet Ellis

Crewmates: April Angelle, Deedee Dawkins

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 1, Expedition System lvl 1.

Inventory: 0 Chemicals, Minerals and Energy resources, 9 Cans of Soup, Armor, Atomic Battery, Lighter, Shovel and Tape.

Additional Hazards: Everyone is sick, the sickness is untreatable with First Aid Kits. Since the illness continues from beginning to end, the morale of the crew is also very likely to decline.

Ending message: "Emmet Ellis collected enough extraterrestrial compounds to create a cure for the alien virus that was plaguing the humans. While bringing the medicine to those in need was a whole other adventure, in time the space illness became nothing more than a distant memory. And so, humankind was once more saved from the brink of extinction..."

Mission 3 - Star Raiders

Star Raiders.png

"We are not alone! An alien planet has been discovered, which seems to have once housed an ancient civilization! Can Deedee Dawkins and her team discover all the secrets of the planet Mootopia...?"

Medals required: None


★ - Visit all locations on Mootopia

☆ - Help the Petersons

☆ - Finish the main objective in 55 days or less.

Captain: Deedee Dawkins

Crewmates: Emmet Ellis, Maegan Mann

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 1, Expedition System lvl 3.

Inventory: 20 Chemicals, Minerals and Energy resources, 9 Cans of Soup, Artifact, Atomic Battery, Handbook, and Shovel.

Additional Hazards: None. You begin in space and find Mootopia during the first few days.

Ending message: "And so, Deedee Dawkins left no stone unturned on the surface of planet Mootopia. While she was offered to lead exploration missions to other planets, Deedee decided to stay on Mootopia, determined to learn even more of its secrets and to collect the abandoned world’s many magical artifacts."

Mission 4 - Astrocitizens Assemble!

Astrocitizens Assemble.png

"Baby is leading a rescue mission to save three brave Astrocitizens stranded on an irradiated planet! Can he succeed despite constant attacks by space pirates...?

Medals required: 3


★ - Rescue three crashed Astrocitizens

☆ - Fully upgrade the Crafting System

☆ - Heal the unlikely visitor

Captain: Baby Bronco

Crewmates: You start with no crewmates, but as the days go on they begin arriving to the shuttle one by one, beginning with Emmet on day 10, Maegan on day 25 and finally April on day 45.

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 1, Expedition System lvl 1.

Inventory: 0 Chemicals, Minerals and Energy materials, 9 Cans of Soup, Sock Puppet, First Aid Kit, Artifact, Atomic Battery, Handbook and Shovel.

Additional Hazards: You begin in Phonobos since day 1, and the Space Pirates events are slightly more frequent. If even one crew member dies, the game is over at that point.

Ending message: "And so, Baby Bronco's crew was complete. Together, the four brave astronauts traveled to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, bringing peace and prosperity wherever they went, proudly serving under the Astrocitizen banner."

Mission 5 - Alone Among the Stars

Alone Among the Stars.png

"Tom is stranded in space! A rescue mission is on the way, but it will take a while before the saviors arrive. Can Tom survive long enough all by his lonesome?"

Medals required: 6


★ - Survive in space for 50 days

☆ - Finish the mission while Well Fed

☆ - Finish the mission while Vigorous

Captain: Tom Thomson

Crewmates: None

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 1, Expedition System lvl 1.

Inventory: Only 50 Mineral resources.

Additional Hazards: You won't be able to land on any planet through the course of the adventure. Since you're alone from start to finish, so after about 10 days you'll definitely go crazy and your intelligence will going down. As a result, attribute decisions events are more difficult.

Ending message: "And so Tom Thomson lived to see another day. Armed with all-new stories, he made a point of sharing his experiences with anyone who would listen. While he was ridiculed at first, in the span of a few generations his tall tales become accepted as fact, and Tom himself became something of a legend..."

Mission 6 - Galactic Mutiny

Galactic Mutiny.png

"The Astrocitizen cadets are out of control, and mutiny is in the air! Maegan Mann has to leverage all of her experience to turn this band of misfits into one tight team!"

Medals required: 9


★ - Turn all your crewmates into friends

☆ - Find a soulmate

☆ - Finish the main objective in 30 days or less

Captain: Maegan Mann

Crewmates: April Angelle, Baby Bronco, Emmet Ellis.

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 1, Expedition System lvl 1.

Inventory: 15 Chemicals, Minerals and Energy materials, 6 Cans of Soup, Sock Puppet, First Aid Kit, Artifact, Gun, Handbook and Tape.

Additional Hazards: All the crewmates start with "Enemy" morale status, making expeditions and crew-cooperation events harder. If one of them dies you'll get a game over.

Ending message: "And so, Maegan Mann trained a group of disobedient novices to become an unstoppable team of capable space explorers. They followed Maegan on many more adventures, and as the years passed by, the bonds they shared only became stronger."

Mission 7 - Dude, where's my oxygen?


"The oxygen is running out and captain Mann will have to make some difficult choices. How many Astrocitizens will reach their destination safely and who will be left behind for the greater good?"

Medals required: None


★ - Reach the nearest planet

☆ - Reach the planet with 2 or more crewmates

☆ - Repair the Life Support System at least twice

Ship Status: Crafting Module lvl 1, Expedition System lvl 1, Life Support System MALFUNCTION.

Captain: Maegan Mann

Crewmates: April Angelle, Deedee Dawkins, Emmet Ellis.

Inventory: 10 Chemicals, Minerals and Energy resources, 8 Cans of Soup, and 4 randomly generated equipment. April is a Payload Officer, Deedee is a Communications Officer, and Emmet is a Science Officer, so all kinds of resources be produced 3 per day.

Additional Hazards: As the day approaches a multiple of 10, the oxygen level of the shuttle changes from "low" to "very low" to "critical". If the life support system could not be repaired when the shuttle's oxygen level became "critical," you would lose one crew member. To repair a life-sustaining device, the first time requires 20 chemicals, minerals, and power, the second time requires 40 chemicals, minerals, and power, and the third time requires 60 chemicals, minerals, and power. Also, on the 39th day, you will face off with your agility against Rat Judy, the mastermind behind this mission. If you are defeated, the mission will fail.

Ending message: "And so, captain Maegan Mann has outsmarted the villainous, mutated rat trying to steal her ship, and she led the shuttle to the nearest planet. Indeed, the rat was correct - the planet wasn’t big enough for both of them. It’s barely big enough for one."