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Mootopia is a planet in 60 Parsecs! that you and your crew can land on.

Seen from space, it looks a lot similar to Earth, but completely golden. When on the planet, though, it is shown to be a desert world, based on contexts clues from the sand and pyramids.

There is no intelligent life living on the planet. However, the crew can come across another group of survivors that are in the same position as them.

According to some ancient texts that can be found on the planet: Mootopia was once inhabited by an advanced civilization that evolved to live on the skies, as they were departing, they modified the planet to make it seem inhospitable so that no other beings populated the planet, should they decide to come back in the future. Many events imply that the beings that previously inhabited the planet worshiped and adored some sort of cow-like beings.


Mootopia is a simple planet. Since it's a deserted planet, not many beings can cause harm or provide benefits to the crew on the shuttle. A lot of events are usually based around exploring the planet's outsides or discovering it's technology and previous history.

In expeditions, all of the crafting resources are available to collect with Expedition System level 1, though most require items craftable with Crafting Module level 2. Most locations have only 1 hazard, making it not demanding to bring many items for a safe expedition, thus giving an easier time with events in the shuttle.


Good Endings

Planet Revival Ending

  • There will be an event that requires the Handbook, stating that there is a message coming through that has been playing for many years. When you use the Handbook to decipher the message, you'll unlock the Pyramid for expedition.
  • After a crewmate explores the Pyramid, they'll bring back a stone tablet with a message that A.S.T.R.O. will translate. After it's translated, A.S.T.R.O. will explain that it's about an ancient prophecy to restore the planet. You'll be given three riddles and three towers will be unlocked for expedition.
    • Set the Sun Tower ablaze. (Bring a Lighter)
    • Nourish the Moon Tower with a fruit from Earth. (Bring a can of Soup)
    • Bless the Star Tower with an object of worship. (Bring an Artifact)
  • After taking the necessary objects to the three towers, you'll be asked if you're ready to restore the atmosphere to the planet. Saying yes ends the adventure, saying no lets you continue for a few days before being asked again. 
  • Ending message: "And so the brave [Name_Captain] and his/her crew-mate [Name_Crew-mate] / crewmates tamed a hostile planet and found home far across the stars."
Planet revival ending with Emmet and Maegan

Inmates' Ship Repair Ending

  • An event about receiving a transmision will appear, apparently a group of criminals on a prison-ship are stranded on Mootopia as well. You'll be given Intelligence and Strength options to talk with the prisoners. For this ending, you need to select Intelligence.
    • Should you get a negative outcome from this event, the prisoners aren't willing to trust you, and you will need to send someone from the crew to speak personally with them to gain their trust.
  • After you gain their trust, they will ask if you're willing to help them repair the ship. You can accept or decline to do so.
  • They will ask you for certain items in order to repair the ship:
    • Tape
    • Handbook
    • Atomic Battery
      • The order in which they ask you the items is random. Also, if you fail to deliver an item, you'll be given more days to get the item before they ask again.
  • After you give them the last item, the ship will be repaired and the adventure will be over.
  • Ending message: "And so Captain [Name_Captain] and his/her crew-mate [Name_Crew-mate] / crewmates joined forces with a community to repair the convict ship. As the humongous vessel rose off the ground, it was no longer a monument of bondage, but a chariot of freedom instead. While many of the ship's passengers never returned to their original homes they made new one all across the galaxy..."
Inmates' ship repair ending with Emmet

Convict Ship Takeover Ending

  • Like in the previous ending, an event about receiving a transmission will appear, you'll be given Intelligence and Strength options to talk with the prisoners. For this ending, you need to select strength.
  • A couple days later, A.S.T.R.O will give you a tip to wage war against against the prisoners, say yes.
  • Another few days later, you are given an option to either go at the convicts with force (strength) or stealth (agility). The best option is strength. Choose it and you should get the ending.


Mootopia's locations seen from the Expedition System.

For more info. on hazards and what items to bring, see Hazards.

Location Chance For Hazards Length Unlock
Cave Minerals Darkness 3 Days
Desert Minerals Space Monsters 3 Days
Swamp Chemicals Biohazard 3 Days
Canyon Energy Spikes 3 Days
Temple Chemicals,


Pentagram 2 Days Expedition

Level 2

Dig Site Energy,


Spikes 2 Days Expedition

Level 2

Wreck Energy,

Atomic Battery,




1 Day Expedition

Level 3

Mountain City Minerals,




Space Monsters

1 Day Expedition

Level 3

Pyramid Chemicals Pentagram,


2 Days Planet Revival Route
Sun Tower Energy Space Monsters 2 Days Explore the Pyramid
Moon Tower Minerals Darkness 2 Days Explore the Pyramid
Star Tower Chemicals Biohazard 2 Days Explore the Pyramid