60 Seconds! Wiki


This ending is from my experience.I first time played this game and landed on Mootopia(Cows Planet)and discovered this ending.Take a seat and let's see.

  • If you land on this planet,after a few days you must have to make a decision with nanomachines and (don't) let them in.They maybe bring you a new character,or take over the shuttle.
  • Some days later you will find prisoners,they want from you to help them repair their ship.Here it's two ways.If you say yes, you will need to obtain three items:the book,duck tape and a battery if you succesfully give them these 3 things, you will be together with them in their ship.If you say no, you don't help them and you will be alone.
  • Later maybe from your decision yes, they will accept you and end in the space.From path when you say no, you will have to wage a war, if you want the ship.When you wage a war it's a big chance to win only with captain, and other too.If you win you will stole their ship and you win.You can't lose against them, because their aren't humans, It's a created mutands.(???)
  • (I'm not the guy who wrote this but I got this ending with Emmet and I think he's the best way obtain this ending)