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This is a page created to describe everything about endings that span across multiple playtroughs. You can only take an action towards that ending once per run. Note: These endings were added in the remaster, 60 Seconds! Reatomized.

Tank/Ice cream truck

You have to go to scavenge. After you scavenge, there is a chance for an event where the family member you sent has found a tank or an ice cream truck. (Not to be confused with the event where you can send a family member to check out a tank). You will be presented with the option to use an item. The item you chose (if you even chose one in the first place) will in some way be used to find an accessory for your vehicle. In the next run, there is a chance that the next stage event will appear, but there is also a chance for it to not appear. Those events will keep coming until all parts are installed. The parts come in this order: armor, weapon, decoration, wheels, and 5 soup cans as fuel. After you give it the fuel, you ride away in your vehicle, which results in a survival ending. The vehicle is now gone, and if you want to have it again, then you will have to encounter and build it again. Below are listed all the items that you can use, and what they will give to your vehicle.

Tank/Ice cream truck possibilities

  1. Flashlight/gas mask/axe - armor. Flashlight results in grill crates. Gas mask results in sheet metal. Axe results in wooden spikes.
  2. Map/padlock - weapon. Padlock results in machine gun. Map results in cannon.
  3. Rifle/suitcase/bug spray - decoration. Bug spray results in graffiti. Rifle results in American flags. Suitcase results in human bones.
  4. Harmonica/Boy Scout book - wheels. Harmonica results in car wheels. Boy Scout book results in caterpillar track.
  5. Five soup cans as fuel.
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