60 Seconds! Wiki

The radio serves many functions. Its primary function is to provide the player with military transmission information. The radio is also one items required to get the Military Rescue ending. In general, the radio is usually a heavy priority during scavenging. It can be given to the player by the Merrymen if he/she doesn't have one.


  • It can be broken in a fire, flood, tinkering with it, earthquake, by Dolores, or a creature from the Bad Smell Events.
  • A broken radio makes an electric-like noise when the player clicks on it (NOTE: this did not happen before the DLC update).
  • The radio can get you in contact with people in space, who are supposedly attacked by a space monster. This could be a reference to 60 Parsecs!, where the crew gets attacked by a space monster if they refuse to land on the three planets (Robotofu, Phobonos, Mootopia.)
  • one of the radio's sounds is from a pilot episode of Hazbin hotel.