60 Seconds! Wiki

The shelter is where the McDoodle family take refuge from the atomic blast in 60 Seconds! and 60 Seconds! Reatomized. The shelter is also where Ted or Dolores bring whatever they are able to grab in their house whitin the 60 seconds allowed. This is where you ration out supplies and deal with daily events. You can also send a person outside of the shelter to scavenge for supplies.


The outside of the shelter has a wooden hatch leading into it, which can be seen in the scavenging part. The inside of the shelter has gray concrete walls and there is a metal fan on the top-right of the front wall and two lights on two opposite walls. There is some furniture inside of the shelter, which is used by the family to place items. There are:

  • Four stools (where the family members sit while they are in the shelter)
  • A table made of wooden boards (where the Checkers, the Harmonica and the Deck of Cards are placed)
  • A shelf on the left wall (where the Boy Scout Handbook and the Flashlight are placed; the Axe is placed underneath it)
  • A table in the left corner of the room (where the Radio is placed; the Map is placed above it, hanging on the wall and the Suitcase is placed underneath it)
  • A wooden cabinet with some shelves and doors (where the Bug Spray and the Ammunition are placed; this is also where cans of soup and water bottles are stored)

There are also some hangers around the room that are used to place some items on; items that can be found on hangers are the Rifle (on the front wall), the Gas Mask, the Medkit and the Padlock (on the right wall).

Not visible in gameplay but mentioned in the Journal's notes are a brickwall, hidden rooms and a bucket.