Sickness can occur to anyone in the shelter that came back from an expedition without a Gas Mask (if the fallout outside is highly radiated), hasn't eaten in a while, (about 7 days), or by certain events, (Such as the Suitcase event or Shower event).

Gameplay effects

Members that are sick will eventually die/leave after 15/20 days. It can be cured by using a First Aid Kit or with the shower event. Feeding a member with sickness every time they have hunger can cure his/her sickness. The player can also tell if Ted, Dolores or Timmy are closer to death when they're sick because their eyes will get more bloodshot, and they will appear to suffer more pain. A member can also get sick if injured.


  • When sick, Ted and Dolores will have green skin with red parts, Timmy will look white as snow and Mary Jane will have reddish-pink skin.
  • If you look closely, Timmy looks like he has the chicken pox. Also, Timmy and Dolores' hair will be darker than usual.
  • Ted and Dolores would look like they have the flu (especially Dolores).
  • The entire family will appear to excrete a bright blue substance from their noses if sick. This could just be a design choice, or a symptom of some kind of mutated radiation poisoning.
  • Ted won't have a red nose if tired, sick and insane.
  • It is entirely possible to cure members of the family by giving them food and water every day for a few consecutive days, but this shouldn't be attempted unless if it is necessary (If it is one of the parents who needs to be cured) or if you have enough resources to do it.


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