60 Seconds! Wiki

The Space stage is a part of the game, 60 Parsecs! It is the first stage of when you start the game.

It is here where you make your way to land in one of the 3 planets currently in the game, Robotofu, Mootopia, and Phonobos.

As the crew drifts around in space, they make first contact to other sentient beings and lands (or crash lands) on a planet.

There are many different scenarios only exclusive to the Space Stage and cannot be aquired after landing.


  • It is impossible to always stay in the space stage, because if you refuse to land on all of the three planets, you will meet a black hole and try to escape from a void monster that comes out of the black hole. If you manage to dodge the monster, you will quickly meet a planet and be forced to land because the monster is after you, and your only hope is landing on the planet.
  • The Space Stage shares a name with a gameplay stage of the game Spore.