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The suitcase is an item introduced in the "What's in the suitcase?" DLC that is used to take items to scavenging. It is considered as a priority during scavenging because it can dramatically increase the chance of survival. It is found under the table that has the Radio on it in the fallout shelter. Bringing the suitcase allows you to bring more then 1 item during scavenging outside your shelter. It is one of the most important items to bring into your bunker.

Ted and Timmy putting things in the suitcase in the DLC countdown post (6).

The suitcase in the DLC countdown post (7).

Events involving items found in the suitcase

Hey, look what we found in the suitcase we grabbed upstairs! Good thing we didn't unpack our holiday luggage! + Ammunition or + Flashlight

Well, lookie here! One of us must have hidden this inside the suitcase a while ago. It was so lucky we took that suitcase! + Rifle + Map

??? + Soup can.

??? + Bottle of water+ a Map.


  • The suitcase is the one of 3 objects in 60 Seconds that weighs 3 slots. The others are Mary Jane and Ted.
  • According to a DLC countdown post, the suitcase presumaly belongs to Ted's great-grandfather.
  • The suitcase is one of the two items added in the first DLC. The other is the Padlock.
  • In Little Boy and Fat Man difficulties, there are items found in it. These items will be kept in the shelter later on.