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Survival in 60 Seconds

60 Seconds has great endings, and they are all relatively normal in difficulty. Not too hard, not too easy. After getting all the achievements, and challenges, you might get a little bored. I know you. You want to survive for as long as possible. You're like me. I have a strategy guide on how to survive for as long as possible.

250-400 Days?! (60 Seconds! only)

Surviving for this long is an extremely difficult task. It is only possible in 60 Seconds!, and not 60 Seconds Reatomized. This is due to changes in the use of the harmonica and Pancake (in ReAtomized, he requires food and he will die without it). Credit to Biliati Papad (YouTube) for telling me that, if you have Mutant Mary Jane, the harmonica can be used unlimited times on raiders.

Little Boy/Fat Man Difficulty are Recommended.

Scavenging Tips:

  • You need Mutant Mary Jane to pull this off.
  • You MUST have a harmonica.
  • I'd recommend collecting 3-4 family members (everyone except Timmy), but you can collect him and still survive this long. (Biliati Papad did it with all family members)
  • Collect all family members, or at least Mary Jane. You will need about 4-5 soup/water each (inside the shelter). Map, Harmonica, Medkit, Axe, and Gas Mask (and maybe Ammo if you collect gun) are crucial. Radio can sometimes cure insanity, Flashlight and Ammo if you have time, since there is a possibility of pulling out cards while finding ammo.

Survival Tips:

  • Don't send Mary Jane out unless she is a mutant. You can get the mutant if you don't do anything in the Green Goo event or the Spider event (boy scout book use can also trigger mutant mary jane), or not doing anything about the talking roaches, trying to communicate with you (boy scout book on left, bug spray on the right side scenario)
  • It is better if you do not call the twins. This will reduce the chance you get raided early in the game. The only thing you should actually do is answer the twin calls (otherwise family will go crazy after repeated calls)
  • If raiders come before Mutant Mary Jane, restart. You can't survive (unless you try harmonica and it works)
  • Always use the harmonica on raiders if Mary Jane is a Mutant, as it can be used unlimited times. (unless it works beforehand). It is a luck-based event, so it might not work. Try to get harmonica from Timmy's Friends or Mary Jane's Band Teacher OR simply suitcase fishing.
  • If you happen to get the people promising safe expedition, send a human out with checkers (or even a gas mask if area is contaminated), since they can get a lot of food from that.
  • It is best to raid the old people and everyone else, except the 'We Hate Our Neighbors' event, which can get you sick.
  • It is okay to kill off family members by dehydrating them if you are low on supplies and you feel Mutant Mary Jane will not be able to scavenge enough for the rest of them. Note that, if only one family member is killed, theoretically, you can gain about 1/2 cans of soup per run. (that's assuming Mutant Mary Jane is rarely fed)
  • If you have ammo, the gun will go away ALONG WITH THE AMMO (unless your on reatomized)


Scavenge pattern stops around day 300, when you stop getting supplies from expeditions. You will rely on your own supplies in order to survive.

If harmonica does not work, if you have not yet had Mary Jane walk with the band teacher, you should try it. She will bring back harmonica. It should work second time.

100-200 Days! (ReAtomized)

I am Patel_Dev3. Speedrun.com Longest Survival Record holder.

My goal is to be the first 200+ world record holder for longest survival of all difficulties.

I got 192 on Little Boy

I got 206 on Fat Man

I got 122 on Tsar Bomba. However, I have a 188 day run, but I want to try for better.

Remember: the harmonica will break the 2nd time you use it against raiders.

Little Boy/Fat Man Difficulty is Recommended

Scavenge Tips:

  • This one is a little different. You'll need to scavenge properly. It is best to bring 2 family members, Dolores and Ted, or Ted and Mary Jane (attempt to get her as mutant). If you want, you can attempt for Mary Jane (mutant version) and you can even attempt to bring Timmy, but it may not provide the best results.
  • Harmonica, Map, Axe, Radio, Boy Scout Book and food and water (4-5 each if you can), although the Boy Scout Handbook and the Axe must be in the shelter to prevent insanity (cockroaches talk to you and you can't destroy them) and food loss. The rest will help in your endeavor to get food and water.
  • Best I've done with all family members (3 of them made it to day 100) was Day 106, where Dolores and Mary Jane were both kidnapped, and Timmy got sick on day 49 on Fat Man,
  • It is impossible to survive 200 days with 2-4 family members.

Survival Tips for 1-2 people only (best)

  • If you're going to do this, Dolores is better than Mary Jane, unless you plan on turning Mary Jane into a Mutant. Timmy is okay, too, as he will wake up the quickest from expeditions. The best strategy is to use a family member to prevent insanity and the kill them off.
  • Soup must be a priority, if you're planning on getting pancake. He'll always bring water, so only take 2-3 bottles.
  • Ted is the best due to having greater chance of survival and returns from expeditions. Dolores is second on my priority list, because she's an adult. Mary Jane is next, due to her mutant abilities. Timmy is last on my tier list for best candidates for scavenging, but only because Timmy's not an adult, BUT he is the most resistant to insanity.
  • You mustn't scavenge too often. It is best to scavenge/go out for less than 5 times. Try to have a period of quarantine for about 7+ days before sending someone out again.
  • Conserve resources.
  • It is okay to kill off family members by dehydrating them if you are low on supplies and you can only scavenge for 0-1 times, or even if they are sick. Strategy, boy, Strategy!
  • Who would you rather be raided by? Firefighters or Raiders? Depends on the situation. It is best to get raided with firefighters, unless you are about to run out of supplies to defend with (1 or less). You can change that by the number of expeditions you take.

Beaten: https://www.speedrun.com/60_seconds_reatomized#The_longest_survival (Patel_Dev3)

Survival Tips for 3-4 people (okay, but better if you have Mutant Mary Jane)

If you're going to do this, it is best to get Mary Jane rather than Timmy.

  • It is better to just leave Timmy, but it is not wrong to get Timmy, either.
  • Send every human to get food in the earlier days, and send Mutant Mary Jane out when you need water. Conserve your scavenges, as you must only scavenge and go out less than 6-7 times in order to not get raided immediately.


  • If you have someone sick and you are in need of food and don't have a medkit, let them die. Unless you need them to survive (one parent)
  • It is better if you try to get an ending (call the twins, don't give them anything else, as you will have to raid the neighbors), that way you can end your run whenever you want, and 2... some raider events will be replaced by government rescue events.

TAS (Tool Assisted Speedruns) Runs. Day 300 on Reatomized?

Let's say you decided.. hey, Dev is insane. Hard to beat. He got the world record for every single difficulty for longest survival! (speedrun.com), Fat man and Tsar Bomba still pending.

Let's also assume you wanted to get to 240, or even 250 days. At this point in the game, it is physically impossible to survive legitimately for that long.

Maybe you wanted to feel the feeling of you beating me. Yeah, pretty epic, right? If you beat my 200 day runs, you just got a world record!

So... you use a mod. Let's keep it simple and do a simple infinite food/water mod.

Easy. Here are a few tips to survive. I will recount events that repeat in a pattern.

  • Do not scavenge for more than 6-7 times on LittleBoy, 5-6 times on fat man, and 4 times on Tsar Bomba. This includes answering the phone, raiding neighbors.. anything that requires a person to go outside.


  • Keep Gas Mask. The Shower Scenario will be recalled again and again, starting on day 100. This will repeat until day 300, in which all events but firefighter raids disappear. Roaches come occasionally.
  • Stall the firefighters by using roach events as place holders. Ignore roaches 2 times. then smash them! If the talking roaches event appears and you dont have mutant mary jane yet, dont do anything about them. She might appear.
  • Feeding family members consecutively for 3 days straight can heal them. if it doesnt work, no amount of food will fix that.
  • Keeping Timmy alive helps stall because Timmy may want to explore surface by looking at Telescope. Always say yes. Timmy will never go crazy now!'
  • It is okay if Mary Jane smashes the door and disappears from shelter due to bad talking incident. You can still survive.

Konrad Style! (111 days)

This achievement is pretty difficult to get, but not impossible. It is best with 2 people, as this is the most efficient way to survive.

Little Boy Difficulty Recommended, although possible on Fat Man AND Tsar Bomba. On Speedrun.com, all my runs surpass 111 by at least 10.

You must scavenge/go outside for less than 5-6 times, as raiders will come.

Scavenge Tips:

  • 4-5 Soup and Water must be in shelter by the time you reach shelter.
  • Map, Axe, Boy Scout Handbook (Kubz Scouts Book), Medkit, Gas Mask, and Radio are high on the priority list. If you have time, collect Ammo/Flashlight or the Deck of Cards.
  • If you do not have much time left, it is best to collect the suitcase for 2 additional items (1 if in Fat Man) in the shelter. Yes, it is possible on Tsar Bomba.

Survival Tips:

  • If you don't have the gas mask, don't scavenge until day 15. The sickness will not likely occur once a family member returns after the radiation has passed (day 20)
  • Scavenge/Go Outside for less than 5-6 times.
  • Count the Soup/Water cans. If with 2 people, and have 5 cans and water, you can survive for 50 days. This means you will need 11 cans of soup and 11 water to survive. However, you can scavenge for at least 2 times.
  • It's great to raid old people, as long as you are low on supplies and need them, and are in the later stages of life, like day 75-100 and haven't been attacked by raiders/firefighters.
  • Don't answer the phone or do any event leading you to an ending. This will help lower the chance of raiders coming in the early days.
  • It is best to wait it out for 5 days before scavenging again
  • If you have a gun and are running low on water, and you are running low on water and will NOT make it to day 111, trade it. You can get a second gun when the 'Wolverines', or the boys opening in the Name of Freedom come, since they only give 2 waters.
  • Opening Safe/Dolores' Code Event do not count as going outside. Neither do Twin/Government Events.
  • If you have a flashlight, a spare can of soup, try to run all the steps for the dog, Pancake, except for the one where you use the medkit, unless raiders are at the door. Think about what you need. A Map + Boy Scout Book give you 3 soup, and an Axe give you 4 water.
  • Good Luck!!

Nothing inside shelter but Ted Survival

Here's a challenge that I made myself. It should be easier for all players. This isn't really much of a challenge, as some others are. How long can someone survive without anything inside shelter? Yes, you can scavenge. Note that any record above 16 days are impossible.

Record: 10 Days

50+ Days, no more than gas mask and one other item (no food and water)

Tips and Tricks (this can help in Ted Only Challenges Too!)

It might seem impossible. This is because you might notice, with experience, that every time you scavenge outside, there is a chance someone will take you over.

Now, there are two different ways to defend against that. With the items below in mind, good luck! Note that these tricks can also be used in Ted/Dolores only challenges, and they can be really helpful.


This is the more common way. You simply scavenge the padlock during the scavenge part of the game, then you're fine. However, you can only use it ONCE, as the padlock can break. If it is not broken, you can use it until it breaks. This can be helpful, especially if you feel you need more items inside shelter.

The Item Trick:

This is the more efficient way, as the padlock will not be used. If you bring 2-5 (no less than 2, no more than 5) items inside shelter, and take one with you when you start scavenging for supplies, you will come back, and the shelter won't be taken. If radiation is outside, you will need a gas mask, as it will increase your chances of NOT dying out in the wasteland. Note: Food and Water do not count as items. Remember to only scavenge as little as possible to avoid raiders. Scavenge/Use Map to Find Treasure/Raid the Neighbors only when absolutely necessary, like if you are about to die within 15 days.

One Ted, One Soup, One Water

In this challenge, you only have Ted, one can of soup, and a bottle of water in scavenging. Records: 23 Days, Death by insanity (Little Boy) 36 Days, Death by insanity (Fat Man) 0 Days, Not Done (Tsar Bomba)


  • If you are lucky enough to have a padlock already in the bunker, then you can go for an expedition outside, but the padlock is one-use and you can get sick.
  • If another person comes in, you can go for an expedition outside safely.


Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read the article, and I hope this helps!


Bilati Papad

Kubz Scouts