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Survival of The Fittest is a difficult challenge featured in the 60 Seconds! Survival Challenges area. It is the most difficult challenge in the game. Requires extreme luck, Here's how I got the win. Five times I have completed this challenge. Let me know if you need help completing.

Scavenge Pattern:

  • Load the Game until the checkers board appears. There undergoes three cycles of items. The cards, the harmonica, and the checkers. The Checkers board is the best path to victory.
  • Send Mary Jane out with Checker Board. Note that Mary Jane always comes back around day 36-39
  • Then, Send Dolores out with Gas Mask
  • If you have the gas mask, send Timmy out. If not, send Ted out.
  • Send the family member you have not sent out. (If you have gas mask, send with it. If not, send them out with checker board, or if you don't have that, cards)
  • Try to heal family members. If you can, heal Mary Jane and send her out again.
  • Send Dolores out again.
  • Ted/Timmy out too.


  • Scavenge when presented opportunity, unless available family members are crazy/sick and you don't have mutant protection.
  • If you don't have a gas mask, and you have spare water, trade for water chip. He might give you his gas mask.
  • Never answer door for anyone or raid neighbors. Otherwise, raiders might come. Try to trade for items you need, and never trade gas mask.
  • Do not send a crazy family member out. They will die, unless you have the safety of the mutants you gave food/water to.
  • If you have the mutant friends protection for expeditions, sick people are good to go out. If you don't have any, just send any person out other than Ted, as he is most likely to survive expeditions. That means no gas mask! Radiation sickness isn't going to affect sick people.
  • You can give water to Doctors.
  • Feed/Hydrate everyone day 34, 39, 44, 49, and so on.
  • Trade for Gun, Bug Spray, or Boy Scout Handbook, unless you are trading a medkit and someone else needs it. This helps prevent roach sickness from spreading in shelter.
  • Do not allow Timmy to use Boy Scout Scenarios (unless it cures crazyness), or Dolores to Contact friends (unless you are in dire need of food and water and there is no running expedition.). This makes the chances for raiders appearing end game to be higher.

IMPORTANT: If the raiders come, do not give up, This is a result of pure unluckiness. Try again. You can do this.