60 Seconds! Wiki

Even though this is coming from a contributor, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wiki, as this amazing game needs a lot of explanation, and this is really informative. If you contributed at least on 3 pages on major edits, then please honor yourself and put your name below and any pages that you created (if you made a page, put your name in bold and if you made more than one then put a + in between them and put your name in bold and use Italics) DISCLAIMER may not be completely accurate! (Also, the tiers of ranks are: Founder, then bureaucrat, then admin, then mod. Saying that someone is first doesn't include the founder, who is the highest rank.)

  • Dr Civilization (Thanks... + Places that... + DLC General ... + Many, many more) Bureaucrat
  • Alex.sapre (Journal+ Fatigued+ Tired) Bureaucrat
  • Pimhazeveld (Scavenging And Events) Admin
  • Notyoursquidward (Family + Rifle + Map + Items + Easter Eggs + Lots more) Admin
  • Brendan1768 Moderator
  • Hurlman
  • McWerto (Events + Radio + Easter Eggs + Poison + Many, many more) FOUNDER
  • Araghon007
  • Supertimmytime
  • Matty7105
  • Akumation
  • Elephanturd (Endings + Stratigies + Rifle + Gas Mask + Many more) 1st Admin
  • Yubelchen
  • Skater4173 (Insanity + Newly Changed... + Deck of Cards) 1st Admin
  • PyroAssasin573
  • Keisser
  • Hunter043099
  • AnonymusslessGamer
  • SuperPokeBroZ
  • BlazingShards (Map)
  • ToxicFallout202 (Ways to Die + Mary Jane)
  • Guyus24
  • SkyBeam24
  • Kidrandom
  • Brendan1768 (Dolores)
  • DaNascat
  • BillyBob125
  • OSayCanUC