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Timothy McDoodle[2] is one of the main characters in 60 Seconds! He is the son of Ted and Dolores, and Mary Jane's younger brother.


Timmy appears to be around 11 or 12, but the player can see two photos of a younger Timmy in the scavenging part of the game.

Timmy is shown to be the best at scavenging out of all the characters, since he comes back to the fallout shelter the fastest, and is able to scavenge for more items.


Timmy in the 60 Seconds! promo.

Timmy is a short and skinny boy with ginger hair and a spaced out face. He wears grey suspenders, brown shorts, and white socks with grey slippers.

He looks strikingly like his mother, Dolores; in contrast, his sister, Mary Jane, has almost all of their father's features.


Timmy noticed his old telescope in a pile of rubble on the other side of the street. He got really excited about stargazing again. After all, the night sky is one of the very few things that still look about the same after the blast. Should we let Timmy go out and stare pointlessly at the sky?

If Yes: Timmy came back claiming he saw a mustached man on the moon... (effects unknown)

Timmy prepared a short message to be transmitted tonight. There's a few options on how it could be done, so let's try to pick the best one. Or just back out completely - it's not too late to give up on the idea.

Harmonica: Timmy went out and climbed the highest point he could find, which in our situation turned out to be an overturned truck with two more cars stacked on top of it. Probably not the safest place to be, but he managed to transmit the message successfully and return safely, now we wait....

When Timmy is caught reading comic books with soviet propaganda in them you are given the choice to banish him out in the wasteland, he will then appear dead if you choose to banish him.


  • If Timmy is insane for too long he will leave the shelter considering himself as the hero that the wasteland needs (see Insanity or Journal to see this event).
  • Timmy is one of the four characters to age in the game. The others being Ted and Mary Jane (Timmy and Mary Jane age because of their birthdays and Ted because he grows facial hair and Dolores In The ReAtomized Version where her hair grows longer).
  • According to a Journal entry that shows when he is thirsty, Timmy likes apple juice.
  • If you don't pick up Timmy at the scavenging part, like every family member in the game he can come back if you open the door in early days. In the journal it will display this dialogue: We were not prepared for what, or rather who was standing outside the shelter door. It was Timmy! He was able to survive on his own. He was a bit jumpy and kept saying something about the power of the conch, but he is safe with us, now! (a reference to the allegorical novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding.
  • Timmy is usually the best character to send scavenging in the game, he is likely to bring items sent with him back, and also is more likely to find items.
  • In the Shelter/Home Alone Challenge, there is a chance he will go insane on day 2. There is also a chance he won't go insane at all, unless it is day 30, in which case he goes insane then.
  • He can also throw paper airplanes if he is insane (if you have the scout handbook.)
  • Timmy likes drawing.
  • Timmy can grow his hair in the Reatomized version of 60 Seconds!
  • Timmy can heal the injuries of a family member.
  • Based on the fact that Timmy has a Boy Scout hat, he may have been in the scouts before the events of the game, meaning he knows first aid for various injuries, which would explain why he can heal his family members.


Timmy's concept art