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Like 60 Seconds, 60 Parsecs has a multitude of ways for crew-mates to die. If everyone dies, the ship gets raided or the Captain dies, the game ends and you lose. There is a water recycler, meaning Dehydration is no longer a valid way to die. Other times, you don't die but lose the game.

Causes of Death

1: Starvation: Not feeding a crew-mate for 11 days leads to starvation. A good warning sign of when to feed a character is when their sprite changes to a malnourished look.

2, 3 + 4: Poor Health, Injuries and Illnesses: Not using a First Aid Kit when a crew-mate is in poor health, gets hurt or falls ill after a few days leads to these deaths.

5: Revolution: Making selfish acts and putting yourself before others can lead to this if they remain defiant for too long. You usually get to make a choice to try to fend the crew-mates off. One wrong move, and you get thrown out the airlock.

6. Betrayal: Rarely, one of your crew-mates may become an Android or a Communist. Like the revolution, you have to choose carefully on how to deal with them. Make the wrong choice will end up with the captain dying (potentially along with their crewmates)

7. Getting Nuked in the '60 Seconds' phase of Voyager. Fortunately, you get a choice to retry.

8. The Void Monster: If you survive until day 30 without landing on a planet, there will be a black hole in the window. A large mass will be headed toward your ship, and you will have to use agility or intelligence to steer away from the Void Monster. Failing will throw you and your crewmates out of the shuttle, causing everyone to die (needs confirmation). Later, you will find a planet that you have passed before. The A.I. will detect the Void Monster coming towards you, and you will have to send you or one of your crewmates to overload the reactor and crash-land on a planet. Failing to do so will cause the void monster to kick you and your crewmates out of the shuttle, also causing a game over.

Ways to Lose

1. Denied: To lose this way, you must be on Robotofu. For this to happen, fix Sheila but don't tell the truth to Dumbo. This will result in the crew being denied entry to the city and even become prisoners. They may lose their shuttle or be blocked out of there.

2. Barbarians: To lose this way, you must be on Phonobos. Help the little alien and go to the Fortress. Go to the haven and give the next alien 40 chemicals. After this, choose to try to fight off Barbarians. You will be murdered by the barbarians.


  • Crew members can't run away when they stay insane for too long. It simply decreases morale.